ALBD is a full-service, industry leading commercial electrical contractor offering a wide range of specialties & services:

Ground-Up Construction

Industrial Electrical Projects

Underground Dry Utilities

Tilt-Up Shells

Commercial Tenant Improvements

Design-Build Projects

Hospitality (Hotels and Restaurants)

Multi-Tenant Construction

Mixed-Use Development

EV Charging Solutions

Additionally, ALBD can deliver electrical services for office buildings, retail locations, financial institutions, medical projects (OSHPD projects included), and much more.

Service & Maintenance - Lighting

ALBD’s Service & Maintenance Division provides complete turn-key electrical and lighting solutions to the end user. Programs include:

Lamp and Ballast Replacement

Fixture Cleaning

Comprehensive Repairs

Upgrade and Retrofit Existing Systems Including LED

Lighting Surveys

Energy Audits

These maintenance services can be provided on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis, with evening inspections and one-time service calls available upon request.

ALBD will work with you on a solution that will satisfy your needs and fit within your budget. From a simple energy audit to a complete retrofit of a major property, we understand there is more than one way to achieve results.

Site Maintenance

Minimizing Downtime

Preventative, predictive, planned, condition-based, Scheduled, Corrective and reliability-centered.

Infrared (Thermal) Imaging

Identifying hot spots, loose connections, corona etc.

Energy Audits

Minimizing carbon footprint and maximizing cost savings by identifying opportunities for implementation of new equipment and materials.

NFPA 70E ARC Flash Hazard Analysis

OSHA labeling of equipment, panels, transformers, generators, and other related equipment and gear.

Equipment Maintenance

Torque & Clean

Keeping equipment free of debris which could cause arching between phasing and grounded surfaces.

Vacuum and wipe all surfaces with non-abrasive contact cleaner

Providing labor to tighten factory torque settings of bolted and lug connections maintaining secured connections preventing loss of power, heating and performance issues

Power Quality Monitoring, Logging and Analysis

Used to obtain baseline data in power systems and circuits

Troubleshooting inadequate power issues; voltage, amperage, harmonics, power factor, frequency, dips and swells


An industry trend-setting when it comes to contemporary construction practices, ALBD offers prefabrication services that are designed to reduce man-hours and streamline on-site workflow.

Our in-house prefabrication department produces high caliber goods where consistency and fidelity translates into savings for our clients. By engineering a variety of structural, functional, and finishing components at our facility, we liberate our on-site crews to focus on the details that make each project we undertake truly unique. Eliminating the stress of manufacturing at the worksite effectively reduces disorder and allows for smaller crews, subsequently reducing risks and increasing overall site safety. At ALBD, we believe in balance and achieving superior results through proficiency in prefabrication.

EV Charging, Infrastructure & Installation

ALBD is your go-to Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) installation and maintenance partner.

The future is here. And the time is now to invest in EV infrastructure to ready your property with extensive EV capabilities. Knowing the needs and requirements for EV charging systems are intricate, ALBD has a dedicated team of experts set to navigate each project’s unique situation and professional electricians with required qualifications on multiple charging systems for next-to-any EV Charging station installation.

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Property Management
  • Home Owners Associations
  • Residential

Contact us for a streamlined solution to our EV Charging future.


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Service & Maintenance Clients:


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ALBD is Here to Power Your Project