As a large-scale commercial, residential, and underground electrical contractor, ALBD powers the projects that illuminate life throughout Southern California. If you are dedicated, positive-minded, curious, and people-centric – we want to hear from you!

Evolving from a feisty two-person startup in the early 2000s, ALBD has emerged as an industry leader that empowers big visions and handles rigorous demands with impeccable execution.

We can do this because of the united, motivated team that works on every one of our jobs.

  • We believe in a culture of ambition and motivation – when we deliver for our clients, our leadership delivers for our employees.
  • We provide hands-on experience that can lead to skill expansion as well as promotions. Many Commercial Electricians have moved up within our ranks to become Foremen and Superintendents.
  • We put our employees in a position to succeed – we ensure reliability and accuracy at every step of our process and expect dedication and follow-through in return.
  • We are a growing, energetic, enthusiastic group of professionals who want to do this work. In fact, we can’t get enough of it.

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