James Black


James serves as our company’s Chief Financial Officer. Under James’ leadership, ALBD has built lasting credit relationships with suppliers and lenders, developed advanced reporting capabilities for job costing, and expanded ALBD’s work in the commercial market.

Having worked in finance for more than 25 years, as CFO at ALBD, James strongly believes business ethics is the cornerstone of ALBD’s success. His internal policies and procedures to minimize risk allows employees, vendors, customers and lenders to have confidence that ALBD will uphold the highest standards of business ethics.

Preceeding his partnership with ALBD, James earned his Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of California, San Diego. As a high-level business strategist, his sound problem solving abilities and informed business decisions allow every job ALBD undertakes to be on time and on budget.  By the way, he’s an avid snowboarder and surfer who is always up for the ultimate ride!

Chad Lambert


Chad is dynamic and passionate and often seen taking in a game at your favorite stadium, arena, or shooting for a hole-in-one on the golf course. As President and resident fire-starter always striving to take ALBD to the next level, Chad guides the extensive commercial, underground, service & maintenance divisions and overall operations here at ALBD. Chad began his career as an electrician in 1991 and is recognized today as an authority in electrical construction.

Prior to diving into electrical contracting, Chad studied architecture at the University of Nebraska. He attributes his recent hair loss to his school’s struggling football team. Chad’s powerful and motivating personality and depth of experience in business, architecture and electrical provides ALBD with a unique blend of management expertise in all areas of the construction process. Under Chad’s leadership, ALBD’s team of highly skilled and dedicated electricians continue to develop and flourish with the ultimate goal of delivering exceptional electrical, day in and day out.

“The employees. They own the company. It’s about them. I just try to guide it.”  – Chad Lambert


Matt began his journey in the electrical industry when he was 21 years old. Starting as an assistant to the estimator of an incredible company. While there, he was mentored by an inspiring leader who gave him the tools to succeed not only in business but in life. Those experiences helped shape him into the person he is today.

Matt was taught at an early age to always work hard, have integrity, be honest, and treat everyone with kindness & respect. He builds, nurtures, and believes in solid relationships. Whether personal or professional, everyone is a friend of Matt’s.

When Matt isn’t working, he’s spending time with his amazing wife and two beautiful daughters, running the boardwalk, or playing soccer or golf.  ALBD is honored to have Matt building relationships with and for Team ALBD!


Michael’s unwavering ability to grow relationships led him to the construction industry and the launch of ALBD’s service & maintenance department. Michael’s dedication to the construction industry, electrical contracting, understanding of service & maintenance, EV charging and emerging market developments have been important steps in ALBD’s expanded focus.

Michael is a graduate of Trinity College and is a true athlete at heart. He enjoys playing just about any sport, exercising, spending time with family and friends, and is a lifelong jiu-jitsu enthusiast and student.

Needless to say, we’re thrilled to have Michael in ALBD’s corner!


Surfing at dawn, golfing mid-morning, and dirt bike riding in the late afternoon. No, this isn’t the X Games. This is just an ordinary weekend day for our Director of Preconstruction, Danny. Multitasking is what Danny does best. As a second-generation electrician, Danny has more than 17+ years of experience with ground-up projects, tenant improvements, and design-build projects. His extensive field experience includes work with commercial, residential and industrial settings, managing small projects to mega-ground-up developments and everything in between.

Danny’s years of field electrical experience, business background, project leadership, relationship building, and knowledge of important elements with the big picture in mind are key components as ALBD’s continues on a growth trajectory. Danny is OSHA 30 certified, an active state-certified journeyman electrician, and a die-hard baseball fan. We couldn’t be happier to have Danny on Team ALBD!


When Julia is not keeping track of her hits, runs and batting average in one of her three softball leagues, you will find her keeping track of ALBD’s daily accounting operations, including our payroll, accounts payable and accounts receivable departments. Julia is an accomplished financial executive with over 20+ years of experience in public and private accounting, spanning financial planning & analysis, cash management & budgeting, staff management & development, and external audits & system conversions.

Julia joined Team ALBD in 2010, and has been an integral part of ALBD’s impressive growth ever since. Her passion for finance and operations is only rivaled by her passion for spending time outdoors. She loves to ski, hike, camp and cycle – preferably with her two daughters and her two mutts!


Until she becomes America’s next Top Chef, Lilly lives and breathes ALBD and Human Resources. This aspiring horticulturist joined Team ALBD in 2019, and brings nearly 20 years of experience from a diverse range of industries, including property management, lending and construction.

Lilly discovered her true passion for human resources in 2006 while working in hospitality. It was then that she tenaciously pursued her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources. Lilly received her degree from the University of California, Riverside, has her Human Resources Management Certificate from Cal State Fullerton, and is a participating member of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM).

When Lilly isn’t taking her beautiful daughter to Disneyland, you’ll find her cheering on her LA Dodgers & LA Kings. She cherishes her time hiking and exploring new places, and is a lover of fine wines. Our ALBD family is delighted to have Lilly on our team!


Candise started her career when working at an electrical supply distributor where she gained experience in accounts receivables and the returns department. After a year out-of-state and the industry, she was happy for the opportunity to join Ironwood Electric. Since, she’s enjoyed wearing multiple hats, joining forces with ALBD, and working closely with HR and in Payroll & Benefits – benefiting the lives of the entire team.

When Candise is not busy with Payroll & Benefits, she enjoys binge-watching a good show, vacationing and wine tasting. Not necessarily in that order.

ALBD is happy to share a toast with Candise on our team!


Not knowing what he wanted to be when he “grew up,” it was Brandon’s electrician brother-in-law who introduced him to the apprenticeship program, which he began back in 1996. He completed the program in 2001, received his journeyman certification and began running work. After learning all he could in the field, Brandon became a Project Engineer & Estimator, with the ultimate goal of becoming a Project Manager. His pursuit came to fruition and he realized estimating is where his true passion lies.

Brandon and his wife include their four daughters in pretty much everything they do. From camping, hiking, going to the beach, sightseeing, or even just hanging out at home, they’ve made it a point to be actively involved in their children’s lives, both as teachers as well as students. When Brandon does get his alone time, he likes to be in the kitchen. He finds cooking to be his ultimate stress reliever!

With his steady focus and nearly 16 years estimating expertise, we are grateful to have Brandon a part of our ALBD Family.


Garrett was introduced to the electrical industry when he accompanied his grandfather on electrical projects at the ripe young age of four. He became a first year apprentice in 2005, a certified journeyman in 2009, carries his C-10 license, and worked as an Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer for 7 years.

Garrett credits his success today to always recognizing that he does not know everything and is willing to learn from anyone around him who is willing to take the time to teach him.

Garrett takes every opportunity to go outdoors with his wife and kids, especially enjoying nature in the national parks, camping, and driving trails. He also a big fan of television comedy and would jump at the chance to have dinner with Nick Offerman or Jake Johnson.  ALBD is proud that Garrett chooses our team to laugh with throughout the work week and beyond!


Growing up right here in Southern California, Gabe’s passion for electrical contracting began more than 17 years ago when he started as an apprentice leading him to journeyman certification through the Associated Builders & Contractors program. Gabe found a home at ALBD in 2008 where his path, innate desire to lead, pride in the trade, and his education led him to roles as a journeyman, then foreman, superintendent, General Superintendent, and now Director, Field Operations.  During his tenure with ALBD, Gabe has been an instrumental puzzle piece helping create opportunities for our field team, company’s growth, and family-culture.

During his off-time, you might find Gabe at a comedy show with his wife, keeping up with his two awesome dogs, offshore fishing, or rooting on Lakers, Dodgers, or Patriots!

One of Gabe’s favorite quotes is “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” by Wayne Gretzky. 

We’re thrilled to have Gabe on our team willing to take every shot with our ALBD Family!


Jon has been in the electrical industry since 2007. His first four years were spent as an industrial apprentice then he found a home at Ironwood Electric. Jon has worn multiple hats – as an electrician, then as an assistant estimator, helping with Human Resources, and ultimately landing in his current role as ALBD’s Safety Manager. Jon’s energies on safety don’t stop there. He’s also the Chair of ABC SoCal’s Safety Committee!

Always keeping Safety First, you might find Jon hiking with his wife and daughter, hosting BBQs, listening to audiobooks, or working on and riding his motorcycles! We couldn’t be happier, or safer, knowing Jon is part of our ALBD Family.


Scott has been in the electrical industry for 35+ years and is a 3rd generation electrician.  Growing up in New York, Scott’s electrical “career” truly began as he recalls walking projects with his dad as a young boy.  From an early age, he’s always enjoyed working with his hands, investigating how things work, and fixing anything and everything – starting with cars in his high school Mechanics class.  While a high school student, Scott conquered the electrical apprenticeship program and hit the ground running as a residential apprentice right after graduation.

Scott spent 15 years as a union electrician on the east coast learning, training, and certifying in all that was offered.  He even working on the roof of the twin towers before moving to sunny Southern California in 2002. Since then, Scott’s continued his electrical career working on everything from conveyor systems to estimating, project management, and running TI and Service teams.

Scott is proud to be the “girl dad” of a vivacious 16 yr. old daughter who tested & received her driver’s license the day she was eligible, is a high school cheerleader, enjoys riding motorcycles with her dad, and will soon begin her Junior year in High School. He also loves riding Harley’s and enjoys leading the Huntington Beach Elks Lodge Motorcycle group on some great rides and supporting veterans & kids outreach programs.

ALBD is thrilled to have Scott onboard and we look forward to even more growth & development with him on our team.


Amanda began her career in the industry with Ironwood back in 2012 during high school. She has since charted an inspiring path from administrative assistant to accounting, and for the past seven years, she’s been a vital member of our Project’s Team. A graduate of ABC’s esteemed electrical apprentice program, Amanda’s recent certification is a testament to her dedication and perseverance. Her words resonate with pride as she shares, “Standing alongside my colleagues in the field is a truly rewarding experience.”

Amanda’s remarkable project management acumen, leadership skills, unwavering commitment, and can-do spirit shine through every responsibility she undertakes. She draws inspiration from her family and husband, driving her to strive for excellence and earn their admiration daily. We’re thrilled Amanda chooses to share her passion for the industry with her extended family here at ALBD!


Anders initially joined Team ALBD in 2022 as a Project Manager and, following a short hiatus, we’re delighted he’s stepped into the vital role of IT Manager.

Anders’ journey in the construction and electrical contracting industry began during his high school and college summers with Ironwood Electric. After college and a stint in journalism, Anders found the greatest fulfillment in electrical contracting and returned to our industry full-time in 2015.  Anders has embraced a variety of roles – from IT and Human Resources Assistant, to spearheading all things technology driven. He became a Project Engineer, was an electrical trainee with ABC So Cal and earned his electrical journeyman’s certification, then became a Project Manager.

Beyond his professional achievements, Anders is an avid runner and cyclist with a deep passion for technology. When asked if he could have dinner with one person in the world, Anders chose John Carmack the renowned computer programmer and developer who created the game ‘Doom’ and helped pioneer virtual reality at Oculus and Meta.

So you see, Anders brings an innate technology-driven mindset and genuine passion and enthusiasm for systems and processes . . . a natural IT Manager.

Thank you, Anders, for all you do! We’re thrilled to have you as part of our ALBD Family!


Addison began his career with ALBD in early 2021 with the encouragement of his uncle, a lifer in the industry! Addison says the unwavering support from his family, as well as the belief in him from ALBD’s leadership team, has allowed him to arrive where he is today. His willingness to learn, grow, and grasp everything possible has led Addison to wearing multiple hats over the past few years – Preconstruction Coordinator and stepping in as Purchasing Manager.

Addison is an alumnus of Cal State Long Beach with a BS in Business Administration, received his certificate of project management from ABC SoCal, and recently completed a Strategic Partnership program with Clark Construction.

Wondering where you’ll find Addison if he’s not at the office? Check the local golf course where he can never get enough playtime while taking amazing photographs or jumping on a plane to his next travel destination. It’s no surprise, if he could have dinner with one person in the world, he would choose the GOAT golfer, Tiger Woods.

Addison is a breath of fresh air and we’re delighted he’s part of Team ALBD!


In 2008, Clint began his journey in the industry, starting at SCIT. Following this, he joined Bob Electric, engaging in projects focused on high-end, ground-up, homes in Pelican Bay and Coto de Caza. Later, Clint became a part of the CWD team, an on-site electrical company stationed at St. Joseph’s Hospital, where he honed his skill in expertly bending pipes. After spending time at David Crowell Electric and Sunwest, Clint seized the opportunity to contribute his expertise in estimating at Ironwood Electric, and now at ALBD.

When he’s not immersed in his professional pursuits, Clint prioritizes cherishing moments with his beloved wife and children. During his leisure hours, he finds solace in tending to his garden, nurturing both plants and nourishment. Clint’s spirit comes alive through exhilarating activities like off-roading, camping, marksmanship, surfing, and the game of handball.


Jonathan was born and raised in the construction industry where his family showed skill in every trade.  Eager from a young age as he watched and worked with his father and uncles, Jonathan’s construction career began in 2008 and while framing, he was captivated by the intensity of electrical.  His drive and potential were visible, and he was soon asked to join the ALBD Family in 2015.  Never complacent, Jonathan yearned for as much electrical knowledge & theory as he could find. While an apprentice, Jonathan pursued and received his Journeyman’s Certification and ultimately his own C-10 License.  During his tenure with ALBD, Jonathan’s strong work ethic and leadership qualities have led him from his first position as an apprentice, to being a journeyman, then foreman, and is now Commercial Superintendent.

ALBD couldn’t be any prouder to be part of Jonathan’s development and we look forward to seeing where his journey continues to take him.

ALBD is Here to Power Your Project